showed you who owed you

Your debtors in a fun and friendly way

It was a FREE add-on, no login required!

debtograph has now closed

debtograph showed you who owed you money in a clear and simple way.

But all good things come to an end.

In July 2018, we disabled the site.

We had created a free website to make friends and to learn about the Xero ecosystem. While debograph was fun, it didn't create great business opportunities for us, and we both ended up doing other things.

We've deleted any temporary copies of your data held on the site.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Clarke and James Bremner

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From our blog

Launched: September 2013

Closed: July 2018

The rest is silence.

Here are some of the graphics we used to show you who owes you

Our corporate video

We really enoyed making our corporate video, on a beautiful sunny day in Wellington.

So let's leave that bit of the site up, just for old time's sake.

We've filmed our video in Wellington. It's being edited and will be on the website early in October 2013

Who used it?

Here are the numbers, as at 24 June, 2014


Who used it?

From a travel agent in Queensland to a wine distributor in County Kildare, debtograph has its fans in many countries and many industries.

Here are the numbers, as at 24 June, 2014

About us

Debtograph was set up by James Bremner, a Kiwi accountant, and Jonathan Clarke, a London programmer.

We wanted to give you a simple way of seeing who owes you money by using your Xero accounts. And we thought it should be free!

Some of the graphics we used to show you who owed you
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