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About debtograph

Debtograph shows you who owes you money in a clear and simple way.

We look at your Xero invoices to see the big debtors and the slow payers.

We then present that information in a bright, colourful way – no dull charts or tables of data, as you can see on our video introduction.

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See who called us "a living breathing thing to be cherished on a regular basis" or "a really important tool for any business trying to keep and handle on their debts".

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Try our sample data for a business with 50 clients.

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You'll see today's summary of all debtors and whose payment time is slipping.

Debtograph is a free website for any Xero business. Use it every day.

Here are some of the graphics we use to show you who owes you

Share your data

Use debtograph to share your data with other people.

If your sales team could see overdue accounts they might offer a discount to a good customer, not to an habitual late-payer. That makes sense.

You like bright graphics not dull charts and so will they.

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We've filmed our video in Wellington. It's being edited and will be on the website early in October 2013

Who's using it?

Here are the numbers, as at 24 June, 2014


Who's using it?

From a travel agent in Queensland to a wine distributor in County Kildare, debtograph has its fans in many countries and many industries.

Here are the numbers, as at 24 June, 2014

About us

Debtograph was set up by James Bremner, a Kiwi accountant, and Jonathan Clarke, a London programmer.

We wanted to give you a simple way of seeing who owes you money by using your Xero accounts. And we thought it should be free!

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Some of the graphics we use to show you who owes you
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